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Originally Posted by elturtleboy View Post

About fuckin time Seth put out a serious AxCx album
Too bad he ran out of good ideas
He's been laggin this album for like 5 years already
Im not even sure if this came out this year or last
Who cares I stole it so I can review it
Sounds like the guitar player wants to be more in the band so he does a lot of the choruses
They've been listening to too much punk rock
So much they can actually play their instruments now(GAY! 5x)
I was excited for this since I wanted to fuck underage girls to this
But since its so short I can only jack off to them
Best ten minutes my ears have heard since 9/11
Your probably gonna hear this album in it entirety in April
Way better than hearing a gay Rush album
Get ready to hear bitching from people on here over this gay review
Now here's the track listing:

your reviews never cease to amaze me. I want to listen to this.

Oh, and for the entire month of April, you will listen to nothing but Rush when in my car. Why? Cause I'm gay.
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