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Raven -- Montreal, Quebec -- February 13th, 2011

I have been looking forward to this show since the fall. Since the weather was not going to torpedo my mission, I picked up my metal friend and we headed north.

The show was at Petite Campus. This was my first time at this club. Nice place!

The opening band was a local band called Potion 13. I read their website and listened to a couple of songs before I left home. I was hoping they would warm us and get us even more fired up for Raven. By the end of the set I felt the songs were not good. The band played the music well, but the riffs and songs were not memorable at all. Oh well, time to move on. Great boobage though!

This would be my fourth time seeing Raven, and my first since 2000. Based upon their past performances, my anticipation was building!

They hit the stage! Here's the set-

Take Control
Live At The Inferno
All For One
Breaking You Down
Rock Until You Drop
Speed of the Reflex/Run Silent Run Deep
Mind Over Metal
Architect of Fear
Faster Than The Speed of Light
On And On
For The Future

Break The Chain

Encore II
Crash, Bang , Wallop

I omitted guitar and bass solos. Please excuse me if I have the order incorrect.

They also played a medley of great rock tunes during Break The Chain (Born to be Wild, Genocide, Rock The Nation, I Don't Need No Doctor, etc..).

This show was great! After all these years Raven still has burning passion for their music and hard rock/metal. I am really grateful to have the opportunity to see them again! John Gallagher gave me hug after the show.

By the way, their new album, Walk Through Fire, is awesome!!

In conclusion, these Gallagher brothers are at the bottom of the dickhead scale whereas another set of Gallagher brothers rule the top of that scale.
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