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Originally Posted by ratcat90 View Post
Open Minded? I feel like all of these guys are like me and have listened to Whitechapel and the Deathcore scene and not liked a single bit of it. So, if i said the next time that you take a poop, get a fork and knife and eat it, and try to be open minded, you would do it?
There's at least a small bit of difference between feces and music.

And for the record, I've also listened to Whitechapel and don't like them. But, like treghet said, being open minded also means being accepting of other people's opinions.

There's a difference between saying a band sucks and politley saying you aren't into a band. For instance, if I would've went to this show I would've only went to see VOM. Instead of saying 'Whitechapel sucks, burn in hell for liking them', I would've said something along the lines of 'I would go to this for VOM, not a big fan of Whitechapel, probably would've left before they went on.'

Am I being irrational here?