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Originally Posted by ratcat90 View Post
Care???????? Nah! Just keeping it real. Sorry i cant know everything about Heavy Metal, like you. This is a site for people to speak their minds! You dont like it, go to a Whitechapel fansite. Ive seen Whitechapel live and heard their albums. I dont like them. In my opinion that music is stupid. It sound like he is jacking off with a cheese grater, while he is "singing." Instruments are ok, i guess. Like i said Veil of Maya has my repect all of the others do not tho.
I wasn't talking about your opinion on Whitechapel. I was pointing out your immature comeback.

On the topic of Whitechapel though, if you really think that you're open minded, you might want to re-evaluate that. Open minded doesn't mean just trying something new. It also means you are able to accept the opinions and views of other people whether or not you agree with them. Maybe you think Whitechapel is shit, but if someone else likes them, don't you think they have a reason for that? Obviously there is something about the band that appeals to them, but not to you. Maybe other people don't care for great musicianship and how innovative a band can be. Sometimes people appreciate simpler music, even if it has been done many times before, or isn't all that imaginative. We all enjoy different styles and genres and you should be able to respect that.

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle
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