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Originally Posted by kommie View Post
Why post this? Deathcore is loathed here, mostly. Veil of Maya was one of the worst things I've ever seen. I hate kids who go to concerts to pretend to fight invisible ninjas to shitty music, and yet at the same time it's really funny watching them fight said invisible ninjas to the 3 billion breakdown's in deathcore band's songs.
Funny shit guy!! Im with ya Whitechapel is so one of the worst things to happen to Metal. Deathcore is so my least favorite, but i am impressed with Veil of Maya's success. And they are the only band on this bill worthy of respect. As far as Whitechapel goes, they remind me of a the turd that i took this morning. The only thing that is respectable is that they have their own headlining tour and are playing at places like Pops in Sauget and the House of Blues in Chicago. Keep it Metal friends