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Originally Posted by pharmD_metalhead View Post
Why post this?
Oh I thought this forum was for posting set lists for metal bands. I guess deathcore doesn't fall under metal. My bad. Maybe you would rather have the setlists for Nickelback or maybe Justin Bieber. I'll work on getting those for you.

Not all deathcore is generic bullshit. This tour has three good examples of good deathcore bands (VoM, TAS, Whitechapel) in my opinion of course. If you don't like deathcore don't read the threads about deathcore bands. It's pretty simple. I fucking hate Megadeath (yeah i know that's probably a cardinal sin on this forum but whatever), but I don't post shit on Megadeath setlists saying how bad they suck. If people like Megadeath that's cool, but I don't. To each their own.
Yeah MegadeAth pretty much sucks all the way. Same with MeTTallica

But on an almost related topic, you should give Megadeth a chance. Metallica is pretty decent too.

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