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Whitechapel -- Knoxville, TN -- February 10th, 2011

I was super pumped about this concert going in. This was probably the most brutal concert I've been to. Got to the Valarium around 5:00 but I didn't get in line until 5:45 because it was cold as fuck. Doors opened at 6. I Declare War was supposed to start at 6:30 but they apparently couldn't make it to Knoxville because of the snow or some bullshit like that. So, that freed up some more bar time for me .

- Chelsea Grin came on stage around 7. I wasn't very excited to see these guys but they put on a decent show. They played 5 songs. I had heard most of the songs but I couldn't tell you the names. I know the 3rd song was called My Damnation off their upcoming album. They actually sounded pretty good, but I'm just not a huge fan of their vocals.

- Veil of Maya was up next. I've been dying to see these guys live for a while. And they did not disappoint. They really got the crowd going for the rest of the night. The guitarist and singer crowd surfed during the last song, which was awesome. Their set was pretty much perfect. Really clean. Good song selection as well, with a good mix from their last two albums.

Crawl Back
Dark Passenger
We Bow in it's Aura
It's Not Safe to Swim Today

- The Acacia Strain was next. I've enjoyed this band more and more with each new album, and they're one of my favorite bands. Needless to say I was stoked for this set. I'm pretty sure that DL did not play with the band. I was on the balcony toward the back of the club, so maybe my eyesight is shitty. But DL should be pretty recognizable so I'm almost certain he was not on stage. This was a little disappointing but it was a great set regardless. Vincent is great on stage and I'm pretty sure he flipped off god at one point. Very clean set. Good song selection with a mix of new and old songs.

The Hills Have Eyes
Whoa! Shut It Down
See You Next Tuesday (pretty sure)
Dr. Doom
Bay of Pigs

- Whitechapel. These guys are from Knoxville, so I knew this was going to be a killer set. They're definitely my favorite deathcore band. I've read some not so favorable reviews about Whitechapel. I am not saying these reviews are bullshit but I certainly don't share the same thoughts about this performance. I didn't think the guitars sounded "mushy" or anything along those lines. They sounded clean and tight. Good song selection with a lot of songs off their newest album.

?song off new album?
The Darkest Day of Man
Reprogrammed to Hate
Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation
End of Flesh
Instrumental (not sure of name)
Vicer Exciser
Eternal Refuge
Murder Sermon (no Vincent)
Single File to Dehumanization
instrumental (not sure of name)
This is Exile (Wall of Death)

This show had to be close to sold out if not sold out. Great crowd the whole night. Not a whole lot of stupid hardcore dancing bullshit, because the security guys were actually in the pits putting a stop to it. Which is cool I guess.

This was an awesome concert and I'm pumped to see it again tomorrow night.

Chelsea Grin 6/10
Veil of Maya 9.5/10
The Acacia Strain 9/10
Whitechapel 9/10
9/3 - Periphery/THA/Contortionist
10/18 - GWAR/ETID
10/27 - BTBAM/Animals As Leaders

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