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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
i haven't been on this site in a long time but i just came to say that this was probably one of the most fun shows i've ever been to. i like Finntroll more but i think Ensiferum stole the show. Ensiferum had a lot of crazy active moving pits. Finntroll pits not as much but they were still fun. they had a lot of folk dancing in the pits like arm linking and going in circles.

my friend and i who have liked folk metal for years won 8 tickets off facebook. so we decided to take our friends who we always hang out with, but don't go to shows with because they don't listen to metal. they were all interested in going since it was free. they have been to shows before but never a folk metal show so they had no idea what to expect even though they did hear some songs from both bands prior to the show and somewhat liked it. basically they all loved the show and all had a blast. all of us moshed and folk danced a lot, even the 3 girls we took went in the pit a few times. they just expected to have an okay watching metal bands but they had no idea the show was going to be that much to them. after last night they all pretty understand why i go to shows so much now.

after seeing this show i'm debating to go see Eluveitie next week.
Right on man, glad you guys had fun. Weird that I didn't run into you last night lol. You should definitely go to Eluveitie, always a fun live band.
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