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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
They are a US band, so not going to Europe often should be expected.
It shouldn't at all. Especially for a band with as big a draw as BLS have here. And the main reason they've been here so rarely is because Zakk has cancelled more tours in Europe than he's played because every time Ozzy said jump, he did.

Touring the US is a far more expensive thing for a European band to do, than touring Europe for a US band. Reason being you can pick and choose your markets here, play several different countries and make it financially worthwhile. the sticking point is often the UK because of the extra cross-water trip required. The term "crack America" is common here, and isn't a drug reference. You don't "crack Europe", because it's so many different countries. The US is one fucking huge country and its very difficult for European bands to get enough shows to make a trip worth while.

Unless of course you're Emperor and charge a fortune per ticket

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