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I'd like to add Sevendust to the argument. Here is a band I 1st saw on a commercial while watching Howard Stern. The music was heavy, melodic and catchy all at the same time. I bought the 1st cd and loved most of it. Years pass and they put out some great music. Not all heavy. Seasons is probably my favorite Sevendust cd and the slower songs are incredible. Then in 2007 they make Alpha. They're heaviest cd to date. They're headlining shows all over the place and build a great following.

What the fuck happened after that is the biggest mystery ever to me. They put out a totally mainstream cd with radio friendly bullshit then follow it up last year with another shitty cd with the 1st single Unraveling being a total bitchy wine-fest of a song.

What does that get them? Opening gigs on shitty tours all over the place...

What were they thinking and why didn't they go heavier with a few melodic songs? Who knows but they're still incredible live but seeing 6 songs last year from a band that has 30 great songs opening for Chevelle, Puddle of Mudd & Shinedown was a total joke. It's like they sold their solus to be mainstream so this might be another reason people hate mainstream shit.
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