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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
Why do I get the feeling people here hate bands just because they are mainstream?
I really hope you're not including me apart of that.

*if you don't like long rants, skip this*

Not all of us here hate mainstream music, Current Mainstream music sucks for the most part. I'm not just talking Rock, I mean in General. Rap used to be cool, and there are some great artists still around but what's popular! And that can be said of every major genre out there today.

Does every mainstream artist or band suck? Of course not. But the whole idea of becoming mainstream is to appeal to the "main Stream" of music listeners out there.

There in lies my problem with mainstream. I have much more respect for underground bands then I do top 40 bands. Why because those bands are writing real music, for themselves and the fans that care about them. Once you hit it big, every band will put out a song that tries to appeal to the grand audience. Not to say under the radar bands don't do that as well.

The goal of all musicians, sans Cloudkicker and others like him thinking wise, is to become a success and be able to live off making music. That is my eventual goal myself being a drummer.

Bringing myself into this again, my guitarist is a prime example of most mainstream musicians. He joined a band in August of last year *American Gothic*, that is now going to be going on tour with Marilyn Manson starting in April. In that fashion they wear eyeliner, scarves, makeup, etc. Do I enjoy that? No. Would I do that with my band with him, Shattered? Never! But then again, they play music that appeals to the Mainstream of Hard Rock and are an ideal band to go on tour with Manson. And even though American Gothic now has the potential to become a huge band in America, I honestly can't blame him for wanting to become a success. Shattered didn't make it yet, and hell maybe because of this tour, maybe Shattered can get some success out of it. Maybe, Maybe Not.

For myself, I guess I want to have my cake and eat it too. I want to play music I like to play and become a success. Is that to say that I would give that up to play in a Mainstream band where I could be a success the rest of my life? That is hard to say because When someone gets that offered, it's hard not to turn down playing for a living if that is your passion in life.

But I digress back to topic.

Getting back to how it is here. Most of us here, don't want to listen to what is cool at hot Topic, the half hour of videos on Headbangers ball, and what gives pre or early pubescent Teens on the Mayhem forums. Just because it's mainstream, it doesn't make it appealing. It's how the individual person feels. Face it Disturbed is not Metal. They are Hard Rock, simple as that. Is Metallica Metal? No fucking shit they are! Are they Mainstream. You bet you ass they are! Do they appeal to what the mainstream Rock kids like anymore? Not a chance! Metallica will get shit on for the rest of their career and well on after? Why? When you ask most people, it's because they tried to appeal to the mainstream...and it worked. Many fans feel let down, others embrace them and only listen to Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters. And others will listen to Metallica because they enjoy all of what they do.

It's not just bands that try to be mainstream and make it. Look at Celtic Frost. They tried it too. Do that many people care that they tried to go mainstream. No! Not to say their isn't some European Satanic guy out there living in mother's basement who still hates Celtic Frost for trying, but most Celtic Frost remember them for what they represent, being brutal and writing great songs.

But you also gotta understand that the mainstream media is not the only way to find great music. Right here I found some of my favorite bands, and one of my top 10 favorite bands of all time, Alcest. Is it mainstream radio worth, honestly any song off Souvenirs d'un autre monde should be. Will i9t ever? no. Because it's 4 years old now, it's not marketable to top 40 US radio due to it being in French, and Neige is not marketable to 13-19 year olds in high school that are on the football team or a pregnant teenage blonde who still wants to be the Cheerleader captain. But I'm ok with that. You can call it that "band in your back pocket" syndrome, but I call it enjoying good music because I consider it good.

What's the point of this whole rant? It's plain simple...

Metal fans, as a whole, like any music, want to listen to music they like and appeals to them. Sometimes it's on the radio, sometimes it stays in the underground. But the point is, either you like it or don't. There's good bands in the mainstream, just as much as there is good music in the underground. It just depends on how much time you are willing to look for it.

Rant over...and yes I can't sleep, that's why I wrote this.
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