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Hey Alex. Yeah, I'm the guy with the handheld.

Thanks for the clarifications...I definitely trust your read on the place since I know it's your stomping grounds. I really couldn't tell what the problems were or who caused them, but I could definitely feel the band's frustration during certain points in their set. Sounds like they got over it pretty quickly afterward, though.

Also, it was Fight Amp who broke their drum pedal, not Rosetta. Your friend was half right, anyway.

My frustration at missing Rosetta was due to the fact that I was told on the phone that the show wasn't starting until 10:30 - not 10:00. The running order wasn't the issue (althouigh if they had played in the order I was told, then the early start wouldn't have affected things, but whatever). All I'm saying is that they should be careful about starting shows earlier than announced if they don't want to have disappointed patrons. I drove a long way in some shitty weather for that show. I'm over it, though.

The show was great in spite of the SNAFU's.

Speaking of which, I'd be glad to swap footage with you again. Gimme some time to get the tape downloaded, carved up and burned onto DVD and I'll send it to you.

Nice to see you on here - I didn't know you were a member. That's awesome. This is a pretty great place for metal news and info (and a shitload of opinions as well, a few of which are correct from time to time ).

To everyone should definitely check out this guy's YouTube videos...they are WAY better than 99% of the horseshit that people post on there from their iPhones and crap like that.

EDIT: Oh, and no offense, but I hope the Steelers lose tonight (even though they probably won't). It's a home town / rivalry thing - I'm sure you understand.
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