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Originally Posted by bobbie solo View Post
a big LOL to this whole tour, exept sevendust. Disturbed's schtick o stage is some of the most tired, cliche bullshit i've ever heard. then, there's the fact that their songs are utter drivel.

I'd like to know what Korn played though....their 90's material is still solid, and Falling Away From Me is a guilty pleasure.
This is been their standard set (source

1. Blind
2. Here to Stay
3. Pop a Pill
4. Freak on a Leash
5. Shoots and Ladders/One
6. Got the Life
7. Alone I Break
8. Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
9. Falling Away From Me
10. Medley: Coming Undone&We Will Rock You/Twisted Transistor/Make Me Bad/Thoughtless/Did My Time/Clown/Y'all Want A Single
07/16-Corey Taylor
08/19-Slipknot/Lamb of God
08/28-Riot Fest
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