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i assume you are the guy who lended your angle to my converge 11/19/09 multi-cam, that was filming right under the camera i was operating?

pretty spot on with the review, however i can assure you that the band had complete control of the running order, set times, etc. the 31st street pub is easily the most laid back bunch of people i know. all they do is collect the door money and give it to the band. they do set the time the show starts, but thats mainly cause joel (the owner) is always present and prefers to start shows late. i prefer to see shows late. i fucking hate seeing a band at 7 PM.

what happened w/ rosetta is their drummer broke his pedal. thats why they didn't play any longer. at least thats what i was told by a friend who arrived around 9.

the girl that runs their board (i forget her name) does a very good job with what little she has to work with there. honestly, IMO, a lot of the sound problems were probably from their soundman working a board he didn't know, a pretty old one at that. i'm just speculating, cause that was the only performance @ 31st street i've ever scene run into technical problems. and i've easily scene 50 bands there, probably closer to 100. at any rate, the recording i have from the soundboard that night sounds damn good.

i can understand where you might assume these problems to have been the venue's fault. but thats simply not the case. i don't know any other venue where the owner is there to greet the band personally every single time. its pretty rare too to find a place that still gives the band 100% of the door. i guess what i'm sayin is don't like this one experience jade you, 31st street is a great place to see a show, and most the touring bands that play there (as well as even some locals) wouldn't ever consider playing anywhere else in pittsburgh besides 31st st. karma to burn told me this, as did HR's manager/drummer, Grant. but as far as filming a show there, it is less then ideal. the other similiar sized venues pittsburgh are belvedere's (a piece of shit in the ghetto where someone stole a bunch of goatwhore's merch while they were playing, and also refused to let them use their own soundman) and the smiling moose (hipster bar in the south side that has absolute shit sound and whose crew is rude to everyone). given those options, be glad it was 31street.

shoot me an email @ if you wanna swap footage. i was talking to laura & philip some while they were setting up and they accuratley predicted the show was gonna be a clusterfuck. hung out and smoked some 'dro with em after the show too, and they didn't seem the least bit upset about the gig.

i'm gunning to shoot that metalliance tour in cleveland, working on permission from helmet. already have from crowbar, red fang and (of course) kylesa and keelhaul. really stoke to see keelhaul again. last local show they did was the brother ed benefit. i wish they'd play longer sets tho.

last kylesa show i shot (11/15/10 @ the grog shop)
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