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Originally Posted by God Bringer Of Death View Post
At least provide a basis for your "review." What's the point of posting otherwise?
I had no intention of writing a review, I was simply making a comment.

If you must know, though, in a nutshell, with the exception of Shot in the Dark, I found the set list grossly disappointing (I had not been keeping tabs on what he'd been playing, as I prefer to be surprised...or disappointed, as the case may be), the sound was sub-par at best, Ozzy's voice is shot and he can barely move, his band lacks any luster or semblance of a cohesive unit, and it just seemed to me like they were going through the motions.

On the upside, I will say I did like that he didn't play an encore. It's a fairly silly concept to begin with, and I like it when bands/artists just stay out on stage and play. In the time it takes for someone to perform the ridiculous ritual of leaving the stage and coming back out, they've typically wasted enough time to have played an extra song.

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