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Yeah, the sound on Meri's violin gave out halfway through their second-to-last song -- I was second row-far left and saw her walk over and flag down a staff member with a flashlight. He seemed rather indifferent about the situation, and she did not look happy. Also, I was wondering about the lack of Spirit songs, but them being cut out makes sense.

Other than that, and Chrigel's mic not working during two songs (as one audience member said, "Hooray, we got the special karaoke version of Thousandfold!"), they were superb and the sound was unusually good for the venue. I liked System Divide, though they really didn't seem to win too many people over -- props to them for having a sense of humor about the situation. I would've bought something from them, buuut somebody made off with my Eluveitie flag and I had to buy another one. :P

@Careenifier: Doors were at 7; show was supposed to start at 7:30, but it was pushed back to 8 probably to account for 3IOB not showing up.
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