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Originally Posted by Magson13 View Post
I'll be seeing this tour 3/8. And my statement about not supporting them for not playing a particular song was a joke. I didn't think they would play anything off of KORAR anyways, because of the massive sound change they went through.

Odd that if they're rotating it, they would play it the first night with only a three song set. Also, Rasputin is one of their biggest songs. Really a staple of their setlist, in my opinion.
Yes, I've only hear Rasputin once and it is already my favorite. The first night they did Rasputin and Battle Metal but the second time they asked the audience what they should play and some hollered Battle Metal and some hollared Rasputin so I dont forsee them completly leaving it out the whole tour but the actual paper setlist from the second night listed Battle Metal so I think they didnt really plan to do Rasputin that night....

and about the you never know when people are jokin on here...Im used to people kinda bein a bit harder on me cuz Im a girl and some say I have a sissier taste in music which I disagree. I dont think one group is sissier than another I just like good music. As a musician I really respect artists that put their blood and sweat into their work.
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