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Ozzy Osbourne -- San Jose, CA -- February 3rd, 2011

Even though we didn't get any of the bonus songs, this was still a surprisingly great show. It was a few notches below Clutch and a little under Motorhead, but those are pretty lofty standards to live up to. Shot In The Dark was simply beautiful, as was Road to Nowhere and Mr. Crowley. I'm pretty bummed we didn't get No More Tears.
Or Flying High Again.
Or Into the Void.


Well whatever, at an hour 45 minutes with no lameass encore break, this was certainly a very respectable show by Ozzy. It was certainly better than the 12 song sets I've seen from 2007. So props to the guy for giving us more than 90 minutes without an encore break, something that not even Clutch delivered this week (although Clutch royally smoked Ozzy in their 90 minutes). I suppose I would have enjoyed the show far far more if I hadn't seen the setlists from the other dates.

Oh yeah, Slash was pretty okay. Myles Kennedy is definitely a hell of a singer and can do a pretty solid Axl impersonation, but they just didn't really excite me.

1. Bark at the Moon
2. Let Me Hear You Scream
3. Mr. Crowley
4. I Don't Know
5. Fairies Wear Boots
6. Suicide Solution
7. Road to Nowhere
8. War Pigs
9. Shot in the Dark
10. Rat Salad
11. Iron Man
12. I Don't Want to Change the World
13. Crazy Train
14. Mama I'm Coming Home
15. Paranoid
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