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Eluveitie -- Worcester, MA -- February 3rd, 2011

System Divide opened the night. Never heard of them before this show, so unfortunately I can't say what they played.

Next Holy Grail took the stage, as far as order it's a little shaky, and I know I am missing 1 or 2 songs. I was too into Eluveitie to remember after. Hopefully someone else might know.

Immortal Man
Call of Valhalla
Crisis In Utopia
My Last Attack
Fight to Kill

3 Inches of Blood did not make the show, and apparently missed the last couple stops because of transportation trouble.

For Eluveitie, I got the actual setlist from the stage, and it was accurate aside from a couple songs at the end. They were having trouble with the sound from Meri's Violin and ended up not playing the last two songs.

Bloodstained Ground
Gray Sublime Archon
Your Gaulish War
Inis Mona
Slania's Song
Quoth the Raven
Song of Life
Kingdom Come Undone
Primordial Breath
Uis Elveti
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