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Black Metal History Month

February is the grimmest and kvltest of all months, so you best get to know your black metal. (This thread is just for fun and to help foster some knowledge in our board members who might not know about black metal that much!)


May not be black metal in the strictest sense, but it definitely helped form the genre.


Venom - Black Metal

Venom is more like a speed/heavy metal band, but they helped form black metal by singing mostly about satan and evil, and using satanic imagery in their artwork and live shows. Also, they coined the term "black metal."


Hellhammer - Messiah

From Switzerland, started off as more of a crusty/d-beat type of band but eventually added distortion and more black metal elements.


Celtic Frost - Procreation Of The Wicked

Formed from the ashes of Hellhammer. One of the biggest influences in death, thrash, and black metal. Later an influence in progressive and gothic metal. Also, one of my top 5 bands of all time.


Bathory - A Fine Day To Die

Probably the only "first wave of black metal" band that actually played music the closest to black metal. Also pretty much single handedly created the viking metal genre. Without Bathory, there wouldn't be black metal.


Slayer - The Antichrist

Throwing Slayer's first album up here too. The imagery and lyrics and general sound went a long way in helping black metal get started. SPIKES AND LEATHER, FUCK YEAH.


Mercyful Fate - Evil

Probably helped black metal develop the most in terms of lyrical content. Pure evil when you really read it, but the music is (amazing, but) strictly heavy metal.


If you have any other bands that you feel like really helped shape the face of current black metal, shout 'em out!
10/17 - Hammerween VI
10/22 - Run The Jewels
10/25 - Deafheaven
10/26 - Spirit Caravan
10/31 - Acid King (?)

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