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Originally Posted by Heiden View Post
This is definitely not Turisas's first time in the US. This was their third time in Houston.

And Nachtmystium's set was PERFECT. The vocals could have have been a little higher in the mix, but that was the only problem I could even nit-pick at.

Their set was something like:

Hellish Overdose
Ghosts of Grace
High on Hate

Maybe one other. I was really hoping for No Funeral and Ruined Life Continuum.

Me and my friends went fucking crazy up front for Turisas and Nachtmystium.
Sorry, for some reason I thought Tourisas said it was their first I misheard them. I listened to Nachtmystium again tonight and the music was really good. They were havin some equipment issues tho tonight and couldnt even hear the vocals. I'll be listening some stuff online to get a better grasp of their sound.
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