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Originally Posted by hb420 View Post
The new deicide fucking rules. I'm really diggin the change in production for them, really clean and polished. Glenn's vocals are back to being intelligible, like the first two cds but no less vicious. The lead playing is fucking amazing and Steve Asheim's drumming is great as usual. He's really an underated drummer I think. Kevin Quirion is a real great addition to the band, I think it was his joining that reinvigorated the bands music. The best songs are To Hell With God, Conviction, Hang In Agony Until You're Dead, and How Can You Call Yourself A God. Even if you aren't a fan of their music I would recommend listening to it. It could change your mind. It's the best plain death metal cd I've herd in the last few years. Each song is fairly short and unique enough that it doesn't blend in with the rest. Clocking in at 30+ minutes, it's an easy sit through. There isn't a bad song on the cd, the great ones just stick out of the rest.
sweet i love deicides work
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