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This trip was too legendary to even put into words. All food was free (except johnny rockets). Beer was $30 for a bucket of 6. But...I snuck 4 32oz flasks of liquor on needless to say I always had a coke in my hand.

The bands were hanging out with all the fans, drinking, taking shots, etc. I slept through mexico because I was chillin with Malevolent Creation until 9am...

I'm not a big power metal fan either but it was actual nice having a few bands I did not want to see so I could go eat, refill my flask, etc.

Now to the concerts....The outdoor stage near the pool was by far the best. I saw Nevermore, Exodus, Fear Factory, Forbidden, Death Angel, Testament, Swashbuckle, Sanctuary, Cripper, Amon Amarth, Marduk, Obituary, Tyr, and Korplikanni there just to name a few. Ever single band was amazing but the energy for Amon Amarth was unheard of. I got pictures with every single band member I wanted...

Indoors I saw Arsis, Unleashed, Saxon, The Absence, Fear Factory, Amon Amarth, Exodus, Obituary, Korplikanni, Finntroll, Malevolent Creation, Marduk, Destruction, Sodom, and many others. The pits were amazing, making history by having the first wall of death for Testament...fucking everything about the trip was perfect.

Anyone who was slightly interested in this needs to go. Best 5 days of my life. Ended up getting sick after lol probably from the high quantities of alcohol consumed but shit so what. Even got a few bands numbers so when they come to my town we can drink. Trip was unreal.
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