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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
From what you and a few others say on here it seems like Avantasia and Nevermore are a little more well known in other places in the U.S.
Well, I mean they're not exactly "hip" or really popular, but in the scope of what is out there, I wouldn't really consider either of them to be THAT truly obscure. Most of my metal friends listen to them, or at the very least know who they are. Sure, Avantasia are a fraction of as popular here as they are in most other places, and it's hard to get an exact feeling for how popular they are here, since they don't tour. But that being said, I'm pretty much confident that if there was a dozen or 15-city Avantasia US tour, playing ~1,000-capacity venues, the shows would be full. And yes, I realize that in the grand scheme of MUSIC, that is still obscure, but in the grand scheme of metal, I wouldn't consider it that way, considering the large number of bands I listen to that wouldn't draw 70 people in most cities.
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