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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
In a country of 320 million people where your albums only sell maybe 40 to 50 thousand copies each, that's obscure if you ask me. Nevermore was even less known before 2005. Getting on the Gigantour that summer was huge for them and it got them exposure they never had before and gave them the biggest popularity boost of their career.

Avantasia is even more obscure than that. Their albums don't appear on the charts here and they don't tour the US so that doesn't raise their profile at all. Just because the albums are on the shelves at best buy doesn't mean everyone is buying them.
1) By those sales figures as logic, most pop artists these days are "obscure". According to sales records, only 3 albums in the entire world went platinum in America last year. 50,000 copies of an album for a metal band who isn't "mainstream" is pretty damn solid.

2) Avantasia headlined festivals worldwide in 2008 and 2010, including selling out many smaller shows worldwide. They are definitely relatively obscure in America, but in the picture of the Metal Community worldwide, they are most certainly not. They're headlining Wacken next year, as they did in 2008.
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