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70,000 Tons of Metal -- Miami, FL/Cozumel, Mexico -- January 24th-28th, 2011

This won't contain any setlists, this is more of a review/random observations thread, so if the mods wish to move it, that is fine.

Well, after months of waiting, the day finally arrived. We flew down to Miami Monday morning at the buttcrack of dawn. We had a couple hours to kill before we could check in, so we took our talents to south beach and had breakfast at an outdoor cafe on the beach and oogled women. There were a lot of people wandering around in metal shirts, we all definitely stuck out.

We finally make it over to the ferry terminal, and the line to check in looked like a metal show. The bands had to check in with the fans, so it was funny to look over and see a band like Destruction having to wait in line with the rest of us. After boarding and getting situation, pretty much everyone went to the pool deck. Most of the bands that i recognized were all hanging out, mingling, and drinking. The friend we were hanging out with is friends with a few bands, so we were hanging on the deck with the singer from Primordial and a couple of the guys from Finntroll, hearing tour stories, etc. Set a pretty good tone for what was to come. A couple young ladies looking for attention decided to hit the hot tub in front of everyone - there were no complaints.

There were three stages on the boat - the outdoor pool deck (my favorite - you could sit in a pool or hot tub and watch bands), the main stage (which was like a normal club), and the lounge stage (which had a pink curtain and flowers behind it, decidedly not grim). There was one band playing in doors at all times. We left Miami a little late on Monday night (around 6PM), as they were still filling in one of the pools/building the outdoor stage. Bands started almost as soon as we left.

Now to the random observations:
-the karaoke bar was almost as fun as the bands. It was supposed to run from midnight-4am, but it ran extremely late every night. We left that bar at 830AM Thursday morning, and it was still going pretty strong. Tons of guys from all the bands were hanging out, drinking, doing karaoke, and everyone was more than willing to chat and pose for pictures. Off the top of my head we saw members of Tyr, Korpiklaani, Ensiferum, Testament, Fear Factory, Exodus, Nevermore, Primodial, Circle 2 Circle, Iced Earth all get up and sing. I know there's been a few videos posted on youtube.

-hearing two of the guys from Marduk at the bar joking about which Dokken song to do on Karaoke, then belt out a few lines. Later, they played in front of the pink curtain, which didnt mix with corpse paint.

-looking around at breakfast and seeing random people like Chuck Billy or Moonspell waiting in line with you

-both the quantity and quality of the females on board was very impressive

-my buddy got up and did "livin la vida loca" on karaoke in front of Burton Bell and Johan Hegg - Johan shook his head and busted out laughing

-was cool seeing guys from bands checking out the other bands on board, like the guitarist from blind guardian going up front for Sanctuary

-Moonspell busted out Wolfheart almost in its entirety (they didnt do erotic alchemy)

-more than half of the bands said "i'm on a boat" from the stage

-seeing the bathory covers by the pool on a sunny day was crazy - the singer said it was both surreal and absurd

-the singer from dark tranquillity telling me my clutch hoodie was awesome

-the last night was pretty chilly and windy. Bands were using mist on the outdoor stage, which was blowing around, and looked so metal. Amon Amarth was the last band to play outside, it may have been the most metal hour and 15 minutes of my life.

-we had about 8 hours port time in Mexico. the Mayan ruins were pretty neat, and it was funny seeing half the people there were black t shirts. Dominated some burritos too.

-we were told by the staff that there was more alcohol consumed on the first day than they sell on most full cruises. They were out of a lot of beer by the end.

Sorry i don't have more info, there's a lot I'm forgetting to write. It's hard to explain exactly how awesome and surreal this was. I'm hearing they are doing it again next year, I can't recommend it strongly enough for anyone who wants to go. I have some pics posted on my facebook if anyone wants to look (friend me if you want to comment on any of them)
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