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The 2010 Don't Believe the Hype Award goes to:

Black Swan. I finally saw it and took 2 girls. They both thought it was terrible. Too boring and predictable they said. I can appreciate great acting and Natalie Portman was incredible in the movie but as a whole, 60% of the movie was drawn out and uninteresting unless you like ballet.

Personally from the club scene on I enjoyed it but I can now proclaim Shutter Island as my favorite movie of 2010 and not feel like I was missing something. Great acting but would have a hard time making my Top 3. Prob Top 5 though.

That being said Mila Kunis is fire and the Natalie "banjo" scene was awesome. I've never known a girl to do it like that and had to interrogate both girls on the ride home. Whenever I find out a girl has seen that movie my next question will definitely be to inquire about that scene. hahaha
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