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5 day festival

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 1 side stage and main stage this would be epic some days have more bands then others 2 side thursday through sunday

Main Stage
Aerosmith-2 hours
five finger death punch-45 min
hell yeah-45 min
manowar-30 min
lordi-30 min

Second Stage
slipknot-30 min
lacuna coil-30 min
mudvayne-30 min
nighwish-30 min
kittie-30 min
limp bizkit-15 min

Main Stage
ozzy-2 hours
metallica-1 hour
motorhead-45 min
judas priest-45 min
alice in chains-30 min
machine head-30 min
avenged sevenfold-15 min

Side Stage 1
king diamond-45 min
maduk-20 min
mayhem-20 min
gorgoroth-20 min
vital remains-20 min

Side Stage 2
wolves in the throne room-45 min
all shall perish-20 min
aborted-20 min
acid bath-20 min
darkthrone-20 min
dark funeral-20 min

Main Stage
led zeppelin-2 hours
megadeth-1 hour
korn-45 min
lamb of god-30 min
danzig-30 min

Side Stage 1
exodus-45 min
overkill-30 min
death angel-30 min
cattle decapitaion-30 min
carnifex-30 min
bloodbath-30 min
decapitated-30 min
fleshgod apocalypse-30 min

Side Stage 2
bullet for my valentine-45 min
chimaira-30 min
annotations of an autopsy-30 min
necrophagist-30 min
suffacation-30 min
dying fetus-30 min
old mans child-20 min
rotting christ-20 min
hate eternal-20 min

Main Stage
Disturbed-1 hour
Godsmack-1 hour
maraylin manson-45 min
trivuim-30 min
all that remains-30 min
in flames-30 min
children of bodom-30 min

Side Stage 1
job for a cowboy-45 min
winds of plague-30 min
suicide silence-30 min
whitechapel-30 min
goatwhore-30 min
amon amarth-30 min
at the gates-30 min

Side Stage 2
cannibal corpse-1 hour
morbid angel-30 min
deicide-30 min
dimmu borgir-30 min
cradle of filth-30 min
bathory-30 min

Main Stage
iron maiden-2 hours
kiss-2 hours
alice cooper-1 hour
rob zombie-1 hour
motley crue-45 min

Side Stage 1
slayer-45 min
anthrax-45 min
hatebreed-30 min
shadows fall-30 min
in this moment-30 min
nile-20 min

Side Stage 2
Venom-45 min
celtic frost-30 min
heaven shall burn-30 min
gwar-30 min
god forbid-30 min
the black dahlia murder-20 min
mortician-15 min
enslaved-15 min
ensiferum-15 min
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