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Originally Posted by Spiral_Slave View Post
Death Angel delivered the goods as always. One of the most underrated thrash bands ever. The setlist was pretty heavy on RR material which is fine with me 'cause I think it's a great album.

(Probably a bit out of order, but all the songs are there)

- I Chose The Sky
- Evil Priest
- Mistress Of Pain
- Buried Alive
- Claws In So Deep
- Purgatory (Maiden cover) / I'm Bored / Heaven And Hell (Sabbath cover)
- Veil Of Deception
- Opponents At Sides
- Dethroned
- River Of Rapture
- Relentless Revolution
- Seemingly Endless Time
- This Hate
- Truce
- Lord Of Hate
- Thrasher
- Thrown To The Wolves
All I can say is "OH BOY" I hope I have some cash leftover this week so I can see them in KC, MO!
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