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The only song they didn't play that the set NEEDS is Somewhere Out in Space, but naturally there's many I'd love to have seen, both some relative "staples" and some rarer songs. The show has proved to me for the umpteenth time that even sets that look "bad" on paper kick serious ass live.

Highlights: Rebellion in Dreamland, Abyss of the Void, Armageddon, Ride the Sky. Man on a Mission was really cool.

The band was kinda sloppy (mix was kinda iffy) for the fist couple of songs, but by the time they hit "Fight" things started getting really excellent and up to the typical standard of their live performances. The band was battling a lot of technical issues as well (show was delayed about 20 minutes), but that's what happens when the band (seriously) got to the venue 30 minutes before doors, and thus did no pre-show sound/line check.
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