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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Well now, hello stranger. Analysis of To The Metal, stat!

I am not one to do the track by track or very long review so here ye are:
To The Metal.... It's...well, another Gamma Ray album, and given their releases since LOTF, it should be great! But I will say I was somewhat disappointed. Overall, it's consistent. Consistently good too. But there really isn't anything that leaps out to me. Aside from maybe Time To Live. I was a big fan of Land of the Free II. It wasn't consistent, but there were many standout tracks, inspired or blatant riff ripoffs, however you want to call certain sections in the songs I'm talking about (Opportunity, When the World, Insurrection), they are kick ass tunes. I don't like Metal Gods... I mean To The Metal. I would rather they had played Heavy Metal Universe live than To The Metal as well. I feel as if Kai took some criticism of Land of the Free II to heart and went a very safe route with this album. Most of the songs are of the shorter variety and are very easy to pick up as a listener after one or two listens. I mean really, it's almost like a 10 track singles album, the longest track is the one Dirk sings on. Say what you will about his vocals, but I actually like the tune, it steps out of the albums norm. I actually like every song on this album. But as I said, it just seems safe and is a lesser album then it's predecessors since LOTF.
Overall, as I said, it's a good album. I do think it is the weakest they have done with Kai on vocals, and I have a feeling the next album will be fantastic.
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