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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
Maybe not older animated movies, but contemporary stuff (The Simpsons Movie, Pixar movies, Venture Bros., etc.) looks fantastic because the colors are so deep and rich.
That's why I specified traditionally animated. I haven't seen a single Pixar movie in HD. I imagine, however, that CGI movies can benefit in a lot of the ways that live action can. A quick lookup of comparison shots from Toy Story 3 - there's definitely more of a noticeable difference there than there is for ANY of the 2D Disney films, IMO. Even the most recent, Princess and the Frog - yeah, the colors are a bit richer. But I have it on DVD and still think that looks fantastic.

I guess I can see where people would want their colors to be deeper and richer. But to me, it's not noticeable enough of a difference to effect me. I'm perfectly content with the way my DVDs look. The coloring in most Disney films wasn't really ever bland to begin with.
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