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Slaughter By The Water

WHIPLASH, ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST, VINDICATOR and DREAD are among the confirmed bands for the second annual Slaughter By The Water festival, set to take place June 4 in San Francisco, California. More acts and venue will be announced in March.

The first edition of Slaughter By The Water took place in April 2010 at the Oakland Metro. The show was incredibly successful, with 900 thrash metal fans in attendance from all over the Bay Area. The event featured performances by TOXIC HOLOCAUST, FUELED BY FIRE, BONDED BY BLOOD, GOLERS, PRAYERS OF SANITY, FOG OF WAR and many more.

Brian Montague and Nick Gomez, creators of Slaughter By The Water, commented: "We are very thrilled to bring WHIPLASH back to Bay Area. It's been over 25 years from their last show they played at Ruthie's Inn with DEATH ANGEL and POSSESSED."

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