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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
1. Ruin
2. AS The Palaces Burn
3 Purified
4. 11th Hour
5. For Your Malice
6. Boot SCraper
7. A Devil in Gods Country
8. In Defense of our Good Name
9. Blood Junkie

11. Contractor
12. Laid To Rest
13. Descending
14. Pariah
15. Broken Hands
16. Blacken The Cursed Sun
17. Fake Messiah
18. The Faded Line
19. Foot To Throat
20. In Your Words
21. Omerta

Encore 1
22. Condemn The Hive
23. Now You've God Something To Die For
24. One Gun

Encore 2
25. WE Die Alone
26. Another Nail For your Coffin
27. Remorse is For The Dead
Holy Fuck, now THATS what I'm talking about! Remorse is such a sick song, I totally agree they should finish with it. They would need to give me like, a 20 minute break between sets so I could gather my breath. Seriously, "An Evening with Lamb of God" would be
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