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Thanks for putting Tonight in there. Top 3 favorite for me and one of the best Randy solos ever!! The rest of the list is great too!

I figure if he put Tonight, Believer, Mr Crowley, Perry Mason, and Suicide Solution (my top 5) in there, I'd be fine with everything else, as I know all the hits would be in there.

Originally Posted by Morgoth View Post
I Don't Know
Over The Mountain
Secret Loser
Flynig High Again
Mr Crowley
Diary of a Madman
Killer of Giants
No Bone Movies
Goodbye to Romance
Perry Mason
That I Never Had
I Don't Want to Change The World
Steal Away The Night
Revelation (Mother Earth)
The Ultimate Sin
Miracle Man

No More Tears
Shot in The Dark
Bark at The Moon
Crazy Train
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