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Originally Posted by HugeRockStar View Post
They always played only the first half of the song throughout the '90s, didn't start to play the entire song again until a bit before St. Anger came out. Pissed me off at the time too lol.
I was just about to say this. You youngins on here need to do your homework. None of you have Live Shit: Binge & Purge from Metallica? Seriously? In 1991 was the first time they played only half of MOP. Before the slow middle part they would just go into another song live. In '91 and '92 it was Seek & Destroy. When I saw them in 1994 it was Wherever I May Roam, in 1997 it was Sandman and in 1998, Of Wolf And Man.

I thought since Metallica released a hugely sucessful live album/DVD documenting their tour for TBA that it was common knowledge that at least on that tour MOP was cut short. I guess not though
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