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Cannibal Corpse
severed head stoning
meat hook sodomy
eaten from inside
the wretched spawn
she was asking for it
edible autopsy
i will kill you
gallery of suicide
mutation of the cadaver
no remorse
death walking terror
five nails through the neck
addicted to vaginal skin
entrails ripped from a virgins cunt
the cryptic stench
evisceration plague
a skull full of maggots
shredded humans
hammer smashed face
i cum blood
fucked with a knife

Morbid Angel
immortal rights
evil spells
blessed are the sick
blood on my hands
born again
god of emptiness
chapel of ghouls

in the eyes of god
blame it on god
bible basher
mad at god
carnage in the temple of the damned
pure evil
when satan rules his world
lunatic of gods creation
satan spawn, the caco-demon
once upon the cross
serpents of the light
fuck your god

Annotations of an Autopsy
and so it begins....
the childsnatcher
severed survival
prosthetic erection
in snakes i bathe
portrait of souls
awaiting the autopsy
years of disgust
welcome to sludge city
gore gore gadget
serpents clip

Vital Remains
farewell to the messiah
battle ground
frozen terror
human sacrifice
morbid death
slaughter shack
born to rape the world
disciple of hell
war in paradise
i am god
where is your god now
Age of Ultron
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