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I think there is not so much hate going on as there is frustration among the Tool faithful, myself included, that we are still waiting for a new record while Tool does these minitours like the summer 09 and 2010 tours and they play a short-ish set that looks and sounds too much like 10,000 Days. The shows I saw then were amazing, but I saw them already.

Much as I love Tool, I don't want them to play do-over gigs when I think they should be working on the next record, goddammit. So we're all just horny and these shows are teases. Like some incredibly hot woman who flirts with you for an hour and then won't close the deal.

It's ironic, since Tool is so noncommercial for a multiplatinum band, yet they seem like, dare I say it, they are playing gigs for the money. And if they must do tours like these, where they are playing to the faithful core, at least mix it up and play some stuff we haven't heard live in a long time.

All indications are that there will be a new record, sometime. When that record is done and Tool tours to support it, I will be there, cash in hand, but I'm not going to another Tool concert until then.
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