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I was at the show on January 16th and we got Metal Militia with the METAL UP YOUR ASS sing-a-long at the end. One of the many highlights of the night for me actually. I had only heard the 1st side of Ride The Lightning and no life til leather so Metal Militia blew me away.

Are you sure you didn't leave early and miss it? or whoever you got the setlist from? I'm pretty sure they closed with that song most shows.

Cliff Burton was amazing that night. He wreaked of weed the whole time but his passion and energy was off the charts. One of the best shows I've ever seen. Seeing 30 girls take their bras off and throw them at Blackie during Fuck like a Beast is something I'll never forget either. Ah the good ole days...

EDIT: actually I just looked at my stub and our show was the next night. It's funny I can't remember a girls name I met 5 min ago but I have so many vivid memories of that show even though I was annihilated. Funny how the subconscious knows what's truly important and needs to be remembered for historical purposes. hahaha
1//17 - LOG & Anthrax
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