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I know I'm in the minority but The Dark Knight would have a hard time making my Top 10. As great as Heath Ledger was, Christian Bale was absolutely horrible in that movie. He over acted in virtually every scene like he was trying to upstage Ledger and failed miserably. Maggie Gylenhall was so unbelieveable in that role that I just couldn't buy it for a minute. Katie Holmes is no 10 by any means but at least she was believeable in that role. The way Bale was talking and acting as Batman made it almost laughable that no one would know who he was. Loved him in American Psycho and Batman Begins but he was a total clown in TDK... pun intended.

Bored during No Country? Wow. The Coen brothers said more with silence than any movie I've ever seen. You could literally cut the tension with a knife
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