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Originally Posted by goregutsbleed View Post
this is metallica playing two sets with a break and another band plays during break
metallica-first set
leper messiah
harvestor of sorrow
for whom the bell tolls
my friend of misery
king nothing
fight fire with fire
holier than thou
the unforgiven
the struggle within
eye of the beholder
all nightmare long
that was just your life
wherever i may roam
no love
funeral hymn
i am abomination
bonded by blood
metal command
children of a worthless god
a lesson in violence
metallica-set 2
the memory remains
the thing that should not be
the unforgiven 2
disposable heroes
whiskey in the jar(diamond head cover)
of wolf and man
the god that failed
through the never
ride the lighting
creeping death
welcome home(sanitarium)
damage inc.
nothing else matters
sad but true
the day that never comes
now thy death day come
the toxic waltz
strike of the beast
metallica 2nd encore
enter sandman
hit the lights
master of puppets
That would be interesting to see. Also Whiskey in the Jar is a Thin Lizzy cover
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