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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
All I want from Tool live is, well, Tool themselves, and Right In Two, my favorite Tool song. Also, Nine Inch Nails can suck my left nut for putting on two hour plus shows, I seen them in Ireland on their Wave Goodbye tour and they gave us and hour and ten minutes co-headlining with Janes Addiction.. As good as it was, thats WEAK for a headliner.
i hear you on Right in Two. My favorite newer Tool song by far. One of the most epic songs from a band who specializes in epic songs.

Trent admitted doing the co-headlining shows with Janes was a mistake, especially having them end the night. He did it that way b/c he's a huge fan of the band, and was working with them on new material until they all started hating each other again as usual, and Perkins peaced out again.

Other than the NINJA shows, NIN has almost always played 2 hours or more if they were headlining. Festivals, not always. But considering Tool is headling the entire Big Day Out festival tour, i dont think u can just blame the promoter considering Tool hasnt play long sets in over a decade.
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