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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
If Tool wants to do a long song 10minutes + they should play Rosetta Stoned.
I'm glad they are doing Flood. They should also do Sober and Parabola. Nothing wrong with Schism.
It sucks, it would be cool to see Tool live, but I wouldn't see them because their sets are so short.
see, the thing here is that you havent seen Tool, so checking out Schism makes sense. But alot of us diehards have seen them many times, and the song hasn't left the setlist EVER since it came out.

Rosetta Stoned is barely even a song. Glad that's been removed.

Flood live is badass, but again, they draw it out unnecessarily with a long intro that takes away from the time they could be giving us more material.

the biggest timewasters are all the unnecessary droney segues and interludes. they want to set a mood, but its a copout and they go on for over 5 minutes at a time. We want SONGS, especially at $80 a ticket or more. I won't see them again until they put more effort into the music side of their shows (the stage show/lighting etc is top notch). Again, this all falls on Maynard. the rest of the guys aren't held back, they've eluded as much in interviews. Plus, they've been working on the music side of a new album for years now....hmm, guess who's holding up the process?
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