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Tool -- Honolulu, HI -- January 14th, 2011

Eon Blue Apocalypse--The Patient
Lateralus/Orion w/Kirk Hammett!!!!
Third Eye

i like alot of this. stopped the predictability of ending with Aenema, and also nice to get it out of the way early since it's really overplayed. Really cool they're still playing Third Eye, hopefully that will stay when they do US dates this summer or fall, as every Tool fan needs to see that live (I haven't).

Schism NEEDS TO GO. I understand it being in the set for these dates in Hawaii and Australia, but it needs to be gone the next time they tour the States and Europe. Fuck the casual fans, there's plenty of other "hits" that they want to hear in it's place (Sober, Prison Sex, The Pot).

Obviously the highlight is that Lateralus performance interspliced with a good chunk of Orion with Kirk coming out to play and solo on. They apparently worked on that for an hour in soundcheck. I would have flipped out to get a surprise like that.

Maynard didn't send the big climax ending of Vicarious. Guess he can't handle it. Pretty lame, but par for the course with him live nowadays.

Still a short set, but that's what they do now. Similar bands like NIN & Radiohead will really give you your money's worth and played for upwards of two hours in a headlining show, but Tool still mails it in with 90 minutes if you're lucky. Apparently they're only playing for 75 minutes on Big Day Out. Oh well, Maynard's heart hasn't been in it for years, it's been pretty obvious.

I also hate how many long songs they play nowadays, when they could remove one 6+ minute song and throw in two short kickass track from Opiate or Undertow.

But, considering how much a Tool live show has devolved recently, this is great overall and it's great that Hawaii, who doesnt get many cool shows, got such a unique show.
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