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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Cool review. I think the wordsmith's on the board might have set a new record by not speaking up yet. I'm glad to see it actually. I'd rather read a cool review with typo's than just see a setlist anyday.
Thanks man

Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
As much as I respect Andres Kisser I've read a bunch of bad shit about him. Didn't Igor quit because of him? I heard Max wanted to reunite and Andres blocked it so Igor quit. That's really Axl-ish of Andres if it's true. I know it was a few years ago and I never followed up to see if that was true but I haven't heard anything since.
This story you are talking about was back in 2006.

Igor didn't quit because of Andreas. He actually left on VERY good terms(unlike his brother). He first left in 2006 during a tour because he just got a kid with his 2nd wife, and then finally decided to leave the band to start his own DJ/Hiphop techno group known as MIXHELL which is a hip hop DJ duo that consists of Igor and his wife. They left on very good times, no bad blood at all. Igor is just sick of the whole metal thing(He said the only reason he would do a reunion is for his you can tell he's OVER sepultura and just metal in general......ESPECIALLY when he's doing songs with VIOLENT JAY from Insane Clown Posse ).

Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
And lastly I kinda agree with Logan. I've only seen the new Sep lineup on dvd but Soulfly playing Sep songs live is incredible. Also if I were to make a cd of the best Soulfly songs vs. the best new-Sep songs I'm almost positive I'd like the Soulfly cd much better. Bloodbath & Beyond off the new cd is a great song and better than anything I heard an A-lex. I do like Moloko Mesto & The Treatment though
I hope you're not talkin about that DVD "LIVE in Sao Paolo" in 2005(that was a horrible performance, and that was back when Derrick still couldn't sing worth diddly squat).

Now here comes the part where we dissagree. I HATE soulfly. I really do.....I tried so hard to get into them back in the days like early 2000's. Just didn't click on me(AND I LISTENED TO EVERY ALBUM....Even the ones that are hailed as "brutal and very thrashy"....Just didn't click on me)

Even a week before I went to see Soulfly I tried getting into their material before the show so I can get a good idea of the songs...But I just hated them(I thought seeing people go crazy during a song like "JUMPDAFUCKUP" was just silly and childesh...I felt like I was in some KORN video)
not to mention Max's guitar was totally mute through out most of the performance..

But I won't lie, Max still sounds fucking Godly when it comes to the Sep tunes(especially when he busted out Troops of Doom!)

Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
I heard in a Max interview that Andreas was cool with it but Paulo was the one who didn't want to do it. Which dosn't really make sense to me. Isn't Paulo the guy who sat back and let his band members record his parts for him? I wouldn't give a shit if the did a reunion without that guy.
Sep actually made a video posted online stating that there is no reunion and that they have not had any communication or talk with Max for years and years. You guys do realize that Max Cavalera is notorious for being one of Metals biggest shit talkers right? this really new to you guys? Has anyone even been reading the current story on the Bobby Burns/Max Cavalera Shenanigans(pretty interesting read.....which is starting to really worry me on max's credibility)

"Max is a fucking idiot. If he keeps talking shit I'm gonna let the whole world know some shit about their cover band leader hero. And he blames poor paolo for the sep stuff" - Bobby Burns"
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