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Cool review. I think the wordsmith's on the board might have set a new record by not speaking up yet. I'm glad to see it actually. I'd rather read a cool review with typo's than just see a setlist anyday.

Cool setlist but I think I would have rather heard all of Arise like the last setlist I saw. Definitely some cool song choices though. Can't remember the last time I saw them play Septic Schizo so I would definitely go see this show.

As much as I respect Andres Kisser I've read a bunch of bad shit about him. Didn't Igor quit because of him? I heard Max wanted to reunite and Andres blocked it so Igor quit. That's really Axl-ish of Andres if it's true. I know it was a few years ago and I never followed up to see if that was true but I haven't heard anything since. Funny how Andres wasn't even an original member but they get to keep the name. I wonder with Igor gone if he and Max could get the name back since they're 2/3rds of the original lineup?

And lastly I kinda agree with Logan. I've only seen the new Sep lineup on dvd but Soulfly playing Sep songs live is incredible. Also if I were to make a cd of the best Soulfly songs vs. the best new-Sep songs I'm almost positive I'd like the Soulfly cd much better. Bloodbath & Beyond off the new cd is a great song and better than anything I heard an A-lex. I do like Moloko Mesto & The Treatment though
3/3 - Hell Yeah
3/31 - Coal Chamber & Filter
5/16 - Clutch & Mastodon

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