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suicide silence-short 6 song set
green monster
destruction of a statue
wake up
not time to bleed
the price of beauty

goatwhore-short 5 song set
nocturnal holocaust
perversions of the ancient goat
funeral orgies
under a dark god
invert the virgin

slayer-9 song set
piece by piece
jesus saves
altar of sacrifice
hate worldwide
mandatory suicide
war ensembel
angel of death
raining blood

metallica-13 song set
hit the lights
harvestor of sorrow
ride the lighting
of wolf and man
my friend of misery
the god that failed
the unforgiven
nothing else matters
enter sandman
master of puppets
wherever i may roam

deicide-10 song set
lunatic of gods creation
trick or betrayed
pure evil
apocalyptic fear
mad at god
the stench of redemption
when heaven burns
scars of the crucifix
once upon the cross
serpents of the light

exodus-8 song set
no love
now thy death day come
i am abomination
bonded by blood
deliver us to evil
metal command
a lesson in violence
children of a worthless god
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