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Sepultura -- Anahiem, CA -- January 13th, 2011

EDIT: The show was January 13th 2011. Forgot to add that. Hopefully a mod can fix that

Great show. Let me start off by saying that this isn't much of a review but more of a quick little Rant on how the show went down. I wouldn't be able to put out a very good review like most of the other people on here, so I'm just going to make a little quickie(Probably not a quickie, but whatever).


Anyways. So I was suppose to meet up with a bunch of friend before heading to the show. I should also note that all of my friends came just to see ANGRA....AND ONLY ANGRA. They are all die-hard Power metal fans. They could careless for Sepultura. It was around 7:30ish, I got a call from them saying that they would be chilling for awhile at another one of our friends pads. They wanted to drink a bunch of alcohol and get warmed up before heading to the show. I told them 100 times it was just going to be only 2 bands at this show, BUT nope, I just got a little response that went something to the extent of "NAH MAN THERE'S GOING TO BE LIKE 4-5 OPENING BANDS. IT ALWAYS WORKS LIKE THAT. WERE GONNA SHOW UP AROUND 9. CRUISE OVER AND LETS MEET UP". I didn't want to risk it so I ended up going solo and driving to the house of blues by myself and they would just meet up with me at the show, in the venue. I got to the House of blues at around 7:50ish. Got inside the Venue by 8pm. BOOM, Got my spot on the front rail.....and at 8:01 the lights went off and out came about easy as pie?

I've never been a fan of Angra or power metal but I will admit...they totally blew me away. They sounded Unbelievable!! I didn't know any of the songs they were playing but It still didn't stop me from jumping up and down and going crazy during their set. Eduardo Falaschi voice is just simply...BEAUTIFUL. Kiko Loureiro and the rest of the band sounded spot on and they really seemed to be loving the crowed response. You could tell there was alot of angra fans at this show. They were practically eating off the palm of the bands hand........Did I ever mention that all my friends were still no where to be seen or found? I wanted to race back to my car and get my cell to call them and let them know that the band they have all waited ages for to see... is now rocking on stage. I left my phone in my car and the security wouldn't allow me to leave because this was one of those venues were there's no "Ins and outs". Angra played exactly for one hour and 5 minutes. Pretty long for a "opening band" but its totally justifiable for a band like Angra. I don't even know anything about them but after this show I left a believer and I plan on getting all their albums....Angra was godly...nuff said..

Right after Angra finished their set and left the stage....and I literally mean like 10 seconds after they leave the stage......ALL MY FRIENDS SHOW UP RIGHT THEN AND THERE. They were all so pumped, amped and ready to go crazy when Angra came on. I thought this was some kind of sick joke. When I broke the News to them it was priceless. The looks on their faces could tell you easily how heartbroken and devastated they were. At one point one of my friends(Who is a die hard Angra fan) grabs on to my shirt and starts screaming into my face "DUDE?!?! DUDE?!?! ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME?!?! ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME!! NO!?!?! YOU'RE FUCKING WITH Me?!?!?!?". After less then a minute from hearing the brutal news... all of my friends bolted out of the House of Blues in dismay, and that was it....they were all gone like that.. They all got their tickets for this show way back in the summer only to miss there all time favorite band. Talk about depressing

After about an hour of lagging, Sepultura finally took the stage at exactly 9:45 and rocked the house till 11:30. I think what made this show even more "special" was the fact that all the people that were at this gig STILL supported the current formation of the band and backed the band up 100%. I met all kinds of fans that still loved the current line-up and could care less if the Cavaleras were in the band or not....I thought that was great and showed how much the fans still love and support Sep after all these years through struggles, and trials and tribulations. After Max's departure the band had to start from scratch again so they have gone through a lot of shit to get were they are now(which REALLY isnt saying much I guess... but Like I said....they still got there legions of supporters like myself and the crowed last night was a great example.).....
After the first 2 songs they played, I ended up ditching the front Rail and went into the pit to mosh for the rest of the night, headbanging and thrashing my ass off until the lights went on and the show was over. You could tell the fans even loved the New stuff they played because the pits were getting FUCKING BRUTAL especially during "WHAT I DO?". I ended up spraying my ankle in the pits during the performance of the new song off their upcoming album but it didn't stop me from thrashing out in the pit for the rest of the night.

The Band Sounded AMAZING!!! AMAZZZZZZING!!!! As sad as it is that Igor is gone and out of Sep, Jean Dolabella is fitting in pretty well as the new drummer for the band. He definitely stood out during songs like "Innerself" and "Territory" while hitting every beat precisely just like Igor did, especially during "Territory". Paulo Jr?....Well, what is there to say about this man? HE'S NO FUCKING BASS GOD LIKE Steve DiGiorgio! I guess all i can say is that it was nice to hear his bass loud and audible(he may have sucked on the bass back then but atleast he doesn't fake playing the guitar these days like Max Cavalera....In fact Its a pretty known fact that Max Cavalera fucking sucks balls at playing guitar now, and always has his guitar super low to non-existent in the mix). Derrick Green really braught his A-game to the table. He sounded so fucking Brutal during the A-Lex tunes while at the same time bringing out the aggression and power during the Older Tunes like "Innerself" and "Meaningless Movements". Lets not forget the loud crushing riffs that were coming out of the guitar of mr Kisser...speaking of which... The highlight of the night for me was the man himself..... Mr. Andreas Kisser. One of the main reasons I still love Sepultura and back them up 100% is because of the man, alone. He could have easily gave up and stopped once max left but NO...he kept the band moving on and not letting anyone give them a bit of doubt. SURE THEY DIDN'T come out with another masterpiece like "Beneath the Remains" or "Arise" But honestly look at Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy(THEY ARE BOTH SHIT). Point is....To most of ya'll this is nothing more then a fake sleazy cover band but I dare anyone to go see them in concert and then open there mouths up again(THEY SOUNDED AMAZING LAST NIGHT.)...They may have lost some of their more important members but they are still going strong as ever. Sepultura(in my opinion) is in the same EXACT situation as bands like Alice in Chain, Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Exodus ect......But NONE OF THOSE BANDS GET THE AMOUNT OF SHIT sepultura gets... As Long as Seps got Kisser...THAT IS FINE BY ME(Just like if jerry cantrel is in Alice in Chains its fine with the AIC fans even though the original singer is dead)

The biggest disappointment for me at the show was the fact that they kept ignoring my request to play "Biotech is Godzilla". I must have screamed that song out loud like 800 times. It was IMPOSSIBLE for them not to hear me!...Especially considering how incredibly small the house of blues in Anaheim is! AT ONE POINT Derrick even asked the audience for a "Chaos A.D fan request". FAN REQUEST MY ASS. They ended up playing Amen(I doubt it was fan request but more like IT'S PART OF THE SET)

After the show was over I was too dead and drained out to go meet up with my friends so I just went back to my place....Not too mention my ankle got sprayed like a mother fucker....goddamn its like the size of a basketball!!....There's my 2 cents

Refuse Resist
Dead Embryonic Cells
Convicted in Life
What I Do?
Troops of Doom
Septic Schizo
Meaningless Movements
The Treatment
*NEW SONG off upcoming album*
Inner self
Policia *COVER SONG*
Roots Bloody Roots


inb4 "too long didn't read"
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