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1. Kill 'Em All
2. Ride The Lightning
3. Master of Puppets
4. ....And Justice For All
5. Black
6. Load
7. Reload
8. Death Magnetic
9. St. Anger

If I'm honest, on a good day, Load would probably get more listens than Black, based purely on the fact that those songs are actually good/great songs, they're just not Metallica songs. If they were done by any other band, I reckon they would be regarded much higher.

Death Magnetic is just meh, it really is so very, very bland. Unless something remarkable happens, they are gonna keep churning out unimaginative, half-baked thrash/heavy metal albums, because they know full well they don't need to work to keep their fans. Reload is essentially very boring, if Load and it were people, they would essentially be Drake and Josh. Load is Drake, filled with charm, and much easier to listen to and be around, Reload is Josh, it tries to be Load, and even though it has its own charm, the conversation just doesn't last and you find yourself drifting back over to Josh. That being said, in small doses, like if something off it comes on when you have your iPod on shuffle, Reload really endears you to its cause.
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