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I don't have a lineup per-say but I wouldn't mind seeing any of the following bands play:

The Devin Townsend Band, Sigh, Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel, Eyehategod, Autopsy, Down, Meshuggah, Overkill, Amebix, Pig Destroyer, The Melvins, Entombed, Melechesh, Pestilence, Heaven Shall Burn, Finntroll, Haemorrhage, Soilent Green, Grave, Lazerus A.D., Zao, Vision of Disorder, Caliban, All Out War, Shai Hulud, Obituary, Candlemass, The Chasm, Asphyx, Paradise Lost, Impaled, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Immortal, Brutal Truth, Immolation, Atheist, My Dying Bride, Sonata Arctica, High on Fire, Converge, Dew Scented, Cannabis Corpse, Gorguts, Pentagram, Birdflesh, Mayhem, Behold...The Arctopus, Anaal Nathrakh, Dead Infection, Regurgitate, Arsis, Nunslaughter, Inepsy, Arsonists Get All the Girls, Knights of the Abyss, Acrassicauda
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